This movie is one where the story takes longer to take say than my time on-screen.

This is one of those crazy opportunities to meet weird and wonderful people. I was doubling for Stiv Bators. Stiv  was the lead vocalist for The Lords of the New Church and The Dead Boys. There were lots of posers out there in the punk music scene but Stiv was the real deal.

The clothes were wearing in this scene were pretty much the same as what he wore walking onto the set when he arrived.

Stiv was as hairless as one of those creepy cats and I’m as hairy as a gorilla. Since they weren’t going to add hair to Stiv, they had to shave me. That was itchy for a long time.

As you can see in the photo and the clip, there was no way to put on any pads to take the edge off of flopping around or backflipping over the drumkit.

Stiv’s hairless chest had a big “X” scar across it. A ‘fan’ had carved in into his chest while he was performing onstage. So…why did this guy need a stunt double!??!

Sadly, Stiv died in 1990 after getting hit by a car. He went to the hospital but because he didn’t seem seriously injured and the wait time to see a doctor was long, he went home and died in his sleep  from an undiagnosed traumatic brain injury.