By His Hand – a novelette by William R. Perry

This sounds kind of crazy.

I woke up in early November 2022,  having had one of the most vivid and scary nightmares I’ve EVER had. It was very real in that a great deal of it was derived from reality.  The people, places, and situations involved are, for the most part, exactly as they exist in my life. The dream was so shocking that when I shared the premise of it with my wife, she asked me not to tell her any more about it.

I’ve been narrating an anthology of horror stories for Red Cape Publishing and I reached out to the gentleman that hired me to tell him about it. I thought that it might make a strong premise for a short story for one of his books. He asked me if I intended to write it. I do some writing for some websites, but not writing fiction, but I thought I’d give it a shot.

I wrote it pretty quickly, as it was all still very vivid and quite  emotion–driven. I sent it off to an author that is a friend of mine (that also teaches writing), a friend I met on Instagram that is a horror fan, and a copy to the publisher. I imagined that they would give me LOTS of notes to improve it or perhaps re-write it.

To my complete surprise, none did. They really enjoyed it and (with a few punctuation errors) it was ready for publication.

The story is called “By His Hand” and it was  published for sale on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Audible, Kobo and other retailers on February 17th, 2023 by Red Cape Publishing. I created the cover art, and because I already read books for Audible, I narrate the audiobook as well.

I’ve linked the image on the right and those buttons below to send you to Amazon/B&N/Audible/Kobo. They will allow you to buy the book in eBook format for .99 It’s also available on Audible, Spotify and other audiobook retailers. . The print book is available  on Amazon, Goodreads, Red Cape Publishing (UK), and other retailers. I hope you’ll give it a read and enjoy it.

Here’s the book’s jacket description:

It began when Bill’s hands began to cramp in odd and painful grips each morning. He finds himself helpless as his body grows progressively more numb each day. His illness is a medical mystery. Although his mind is sharp and active, he can only watch as he inexplicably withers and decays into complete paralysis. 

Awaking on his 40th day in the hospital, his family and friends from church find that he is miraculously cured. Bill’s hands and limbs have begun to move and feel, but they do so with a life all of their own. Bill is still trapped, defenseless within his own body.  Whatever is controlling his actions has a dark and terrifying intent, yet no one sees beyond his miraculous healing.

By His Hand – the Graphic Novel

This is a new project that could take some time to complete, but I’m super excited about it. I think pretty visually. This story really lends itself to the graphic novel medium because as the reader you get to see not only what the characters are doing and saying, but what’s going through their minds as well.

I’m working with some extraordinarily talented artist to bring it to life.

If you’re on this page you might have found it through Facebook or Instagram, and I hope that means you’d like to help me with the creative process. There are lots of creative variables in play and I’d love to have input from the folks that enjoy not only this kind of story, but this kind of medium.

Please follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram to join me in the creative  process!

Out of His Mind – a novelette by William R. Perry

The craziness continues!

I thought the ending of By His Hand was pretty definitive.

It was finished.

However, friends and reviewers like asked me “What WAS it? What caused it?”

Honestly, I didn’t want to give an answer for fear of spoiling what the reader imagined it to be.

My publisher asked me “When can we expect book 2?” Never, I thought. But then my friend Lee Waddell said “What if ….” and he gave me a basic premise which quickly turned into book two, “Out of His Mind”.

I feel like any good sequel should take what was good about the first story and amplify it, expand it, and in all respects make it bigger, crazier, and more intense. Hopefully, you’ll agree that this book does just that.

“Out of His Mind” was published for sale on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Audible, Kobo and other retailers on February 17th, 2024 (exactly a year from the first book) by Red Cape Publishing. Again, I created the cover art, and I narrated the audiobook as well.

Proceed to Amazon or Barnes & Noble to buy the book in eBook format for .99. Audible audiobooks will be available as well. The print book is available too on Amazon and other retailers.

Here’s the book’s jacket description:

One year has passed since a string of vicious murders shocked the quiet block of Goshen Street. While deep scars remain for the survivors, William Parson lays in his hospital bed tormented by the murders committed by his hand, but not of his will. 

Completely paralyzed, he has no means to communicate. Thought to be in a vegetative state, and utterly despised, he is deprived of music, books, movies or even a single soul to speak to him. 

Was he possessed? Did he just snap? At least he can’t hurt anyone ever again. 

Unless he was telling the truth…


William R. Perry’s ‘By His Hand’ is an amazing read by a wonderfully natural writer. The narrative is easy to appreciate: it’s a police transcript of some handwritten notes, written by a church-going family man who starts losing control of his hands. First to arthritis, and then… to something far more sinister. There are scenes of true horror, grounded on atmosphere and feeling (not gore); there’s an unforgettable scene in the middle of the story, where the narrative, striving for no effect, nothing feeling forced, managed in the most skilled and confident way to shock me (I mean the ‘RELEASE ME’ scene; trying to keep my review spoiler-free here!) I loved this and highly recommend it!

Milt Theo
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He gets you from the first page and takes you on a harrowing ride. The Steven King influences are obvious, and in the best way. It’s a quick read, but don’t be surprised if it sticks with you right into your dreams (or nightmares). A great first novel(ette) and I want more!

Amazon Customer
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“By His Hand is a unique murder mystery written in the form of a police report. William Parson recounts the events that led to a string of murders and blames it all on an unknown spirit. By the end of the book, I was questioning whether he was telling the truth or avoiding blame. William Parson is such a complex character; his story sounds plausible, but the evidence piled up against him is beyond a reasonable doubt. William R. Perry makes the reader the lead investigator in this case and makes you question the validity of William Parson’s claims. This story blew my mind. The creative plotline and writing style were new to me, and I loved everything about it. I cannot wait to read more books from this author. Amazing story.”

Luwi Nyakansaila
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“I went in knowing NOTHING about this book (other than the genre, which of course I am a big fan of) and I can honestly say it did not disappoint. I appreciate the dark tone of this story and the author did a great job at setting the mood from the start. I can typically see things coming a mile away, but I honestly did not expect a certain event to transpire the way it did, and was pleasantly surprised by the outcome (I’d add more details but don’t want to spoil it for anyone). Even found myself responding out loud to some of the events in this book. Dark, twisted, and violent with a great story to back it up. Highly recommend.”

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“From the initial first page grab, I couldn’t put this story down. Starting with the very familiar life and church events in a well known Southern California town, to literally your very worst nightmare. Shocking to say the least, which makes for a fantastic and very well written story. I want to read more!”

Kimberly D.
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Great read by first-time author William Perry. Don’t read this at night if you are home alone. Also do not read if you have to go out by yourself into the night. I hope this is the first of many books from this author. Thank you for a great book. Read in one sitting.

Hinga53 – Melbourne, AU
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