I got the job to double Wil in my first year of doing stunts. This was HUGE. I knew a lot of guys who worked for a long time without getting a series.

I even got the opportunity to be the stunt coordinator for a show that year.

One of my favorite stories about Wil was when we were doing the “Justice” episode where the crew was visiting a  planet that was all very attractive blonde people. The outfits were pretty skimpy and Wil was really enjoying it. The script had a line about how the inhabitants “make love at the drop of a hat”. Wil was walking around the location repeatedly dropping his hat. Sadly for Wil this planet only existed in the script.

Wil grew something like 6 inches taller over the course of the next year, and I couldn’t double him anymore.


Will was a great kid and turned out to be a very smart, very good man as well.