Looking at my career, I did A LOT of sequels!

This was a very fun film to work on. Normally, when you do stunts, when your character dies…you’re out of a job. In a zombie movie…you’re already dead!

I doubled the local bully-turned zombie and he took a licking and kept coming back!

  • I was run over by a meat truck.
  • I was stabbed in the mouth with a screwdriver and fell from a high cat-walk.
  • Finally, I was electrocuted.

The good news for me was that there were MORE zombies to kill so I got to shoot more days.

I was doing another movie when this show popped up. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be in that position. I remember having about 4 hours to sleep between leaving one set and being due at the other. Even still, I couldn’t sleep. It was just too much fun and I couldn’t wait to leave the house and get back to work.